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Hello there!

My name is iEddy and I have been playing DCUO for last couple of years (everyday). I gotta say without hesitation this is the best Free Online Multiplayer game I have ever played. So after playing every power and every role, I decided to make tutorial/guide videos on youtube, which is going pretty well so far (lol). So basically on this blog I will be posting related material and few extra things which I have missed out in videos or want to add to the videos. This blog will include

  • DCUO Guide
  • DCUO Tutorials
  • DCUO Power Loadouts
  • DCUO Walkthrough
  • DCUO Updates
  • DCUO Reviews
So, let the "learning" begin ;) Bookmark this blog/page and check back every few days for new exciting content. Goodluck :D

- iEddy

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